I know this is a bizarre situation but please bear with me. I really need advice!

This guy I know has been very flirty with me. For example, he would be very “touchy” with me, doing things like touching my hand, cupping my cheek in his hand, rubbing the top of my hand. He would give me compliments. At various times he told me I am “beautiful,” have a beautiful smile, and that he enjoys my company, etc. He also started giving me hugs.

The kicker is that he is my medical DOCTOR and I have developed feelings for him. He acted this way for quite some time but then stopped doing it around the time I reached out to him on social media.

The last couple of times I saw him he was much more quiet and even gruff a couple of times so was wondering if I should take it personally. But I also asked how he was and said I was worried about him and he admitted he was having some “personal problems.”

I am having a hard time reading his behavior and the situation. I feel like he was putting out a lot of signals to me and I can’t tell why he’s withdrawn like he has. And why would he do it in the first place if he wasn’t interested in “more”? Is he depressed? Or did he realize that he might get in trouble flirting with a patient??

This all really happened. Can you please help me understand what you think he feels towards me and why his attitude has changed? Do you think he is okay? I must admit I was very shy when he was flirty so I might have given him an (incorrect) impression that I did not like him that way. I know he “shouldn’t” be flirting with patients, but I also really like him and feel a bit hurt that he’s withdrawn a bit. I’m also worried about his wellbeing. But it’s hard not to take things personally when someone is all up in your grill and then tones it down so much, you know what I mean?

gumtree071 Asked question October 5, 2023