I need your advice with what has happened to me recently.I met a girl 6 months ago at church, and we started seeing each other. She kinda pursued me at first and I was tentative, just because I was getting over a hurt of a few months earlier. But we took it slowly, eventually started having sex after about a month, slowly, and saw each other through Christmas.We were apart a week at Xmas and talked a lot on the phone and had really pleasant conversations. When she came back she told me she loved me. It was going really well. But as we got closer and spent more time together after the first of the year, she began to back away a little.She had told me the very first night we went out that ‘wherever this went, she needed her space’and I knew this. So I tried to calm down a little bit. We continued seeing each other, but then she started having a problem with her period-she hadn’t had one for ten months, she said.I tried to support her through this and it ended up ok. But as my feelings grew, hers didn’t. She told me one night late in January that ‘she couldn’t reciprocate the feelings I had for her. ‘That she wasn’t ready for a relationship, and we agreed to not speak for a few days, which I honored.As time has gone on up until now, she’s never really shown her feelings returning, although she’s pretended to and I’ve thought she was feeling something-through a nice Valentine’s Day and a few weeks after that. We’ve taken things kinda slowly since, but she just told me that indeed her feelings had stopped growing. She didn’t know why, when, or how. They just had.Especially lately, we’ve had fun when we’ve been together and talked. I’ve never felt she wasn’t physically attracted to me. Her parents love me and I’ve been very good to her-helped her out of some jams both financially and emotionally. But what is the problem?She says she can’t explain it. Everyone, including her, tells me it’s not me. She told me that I’ve been great, awesome, fun, everything. I asked her if she wants somebody else and she said ‘probably not, that if she can’t fall for someone as great as me, she doesn’t see how she could go out with someone else.’Here’s a few things. . . first, this has happened to me before. I’ve been more into relationships than the other person. That’s what makes me really wonder if it isn’t me, if there isn’t something about me being too nice or whatever that prevents a girl from falling for me.But also, this mirrors something that ‘s happened with her parents-her mother loves her father, but isn’t ‘in love’ with him. Could this girl be mirroring this into her own relationship? Also this girl told me when she was little, a male neighbor sexually abused her. She says she’s dealt with it, but I wonder if this isn’t a scar-covered wound?As a guy, I want to try to understand what’s happening in my life, especially the bad stuff, so as to not repeat the same mistakes, if indeed I am making any. It’s easy to write this off as her issues, but what do you think? I’d really like some honest opinion of what influences feelings, and what doesn’t, and do feelings just stop? Thanks