Greetings!I have just graduated from university and now on my first job. I ‘m very much attracted to my colleague who is 3 years older and from a different race and religion. I have approached him but he told me that he is not interested. Reasons given was because he has had a relationship with a girl from my race 3 years ago and he faced a lot of problems, including protest from his religious father. To make things worse, she had betrayed him by marrying his best friend.He also admited that he is seeing someone from his own race, but it’s not like they are going steady or anything. He wouldn’t even call her his girlfriend. I responded by saying that I can accept his answer and appreciate his honesty and directness. However, after that we started going out for lunch and dinners, even for a candlelight dinner. He also sends me back after work almost everyday, although he does not live anywhere near my place. We could talk to each other about anything, share each other ‘s secret and problems, and also cheer each other up during down time. We might be very different in characteristics and likes but we do share the same believe in the basic concept of what life should be like.In short, we really clicked and become very good friends. At the same time, I cannot deny the fact that I still have feelings for him, and I believe he realised that too. There are two issues here. One thing, my friends and our close colleagues think that he is starting to have feelings for me too, but he haven’t realise it yet. That is because he is showing mixed signals which contradict what he had said ealier. Do you agree with them? I, however, think that he really want to be just friends and he do those things simply just because he happens to be a very nice guy. I ought to know him well by now.I also believe that pushing it after he has already told me that he was not interested will drive him away. The obvious solution looks like I should just get over him and move on. Apparently, it is not that easy. First, he is my dream guy. He is a combination of educated, charming and well mannered, and . . . at the same time, also spontaneous and adventurous. However, I am not oblivious to the fact that he does have his own weaknesses, of which I can accept.Secondly, we are colleagues and I meet him everyday. I am also very close to him and used to having him around. So, this brought us to the second issue, how do I get over him but also maintain our friendship at the same time? I ‘d really appreaciate your advice and I really need it. This is a very enriching relationship I have, either way, and I don’t want to throw it away. Thank you so much for your help.Yours, White Rose