I have heard that the ‘feeling’ of love is nothing more than a chemical in our bodies that make us attracted to others with the similar chemical. If this is true, could someone ‘run out’ of the chemical? I have been with my guy for 7 years. The first 2 or 3 years were ‘white hot’. Now I can barely let him touch me.I feel secure when I am with him and do not want to break up with him. Whenever I think about doing so, my head reels out of control. I can’t think about my life without him. He does every thing right. He is thoughtful, kind and gives me most anything that I need.So why don’t I want to marry him and why am I no longer attracted to him in a physical way. This is painful for both of us. When I think of him possibly being with someone else I feel like dying.Where did my feelings go and what are the feelings that I am experiencing now. If I had an explanation I could solve this mystery and get on with my life.