i dont know where to start, every thing is so confusing, , , , , , well, i am from asia and she is (or may be she was) from South Africa. we met at yahoo room, and that was the start of our friendship, which ended up in ‘ True Love’.we had a not-ending list of similarities and those similarties brought us this far that we were planning to get married next year. i havent seen her, just a couple pictures of her and thats all, she used to see me on my web cam. we had long conversationsd on the phone and we used to send each other alot of sms everyday.she told me in the start that she had been married for seven years, and divorced. and i told her that thats ok with me, then after a few months she told me that after her divorce she had been’ raped’ and as a result she has a daughter who is a couple months over a year now.it was a shock but i really, truly love her. i never thought much about it and told her that as far as it wasnt her fault so IT’S OK WITH ME. after another couple months she told me that she has two other kids (two boys) from her marriage (one 13 years old and other 4 years old). i accepted them and told her that they are my kids now, and i became a father of three kids and a damn happy one.i have a hell of sixth sense which never misguided me in the past, and it told me that something is fishy. couple moths ago her EX sent me some offlines at yahoo and told me (he never accepted that he is her EX-husband) to stay away from other pplz wives and blah blah. she told me it was her EX and using her pc and one of her friends told him about me, and she taught him a good lesson so he won’t dare try to talk to me next time, and he thinks that she is still his wife and wants her back. but she’s not intending to accept him back.anyway, there are so many sub-stories, but lets get to the point. a few days ago she told me that she is going to stay with her folks for a month and they just shifted to a new home so they dont have a telephone line yet, so she wont be able to come online for a month, and her cell phone is having problems so she’s gonna get it fixed this week and it wil take a week almost to get fixed so she will be out of reach this week.that night she promised me that she’ll come online the next night for the last time before leaving for her folks for a month. i waited the whole next night but she was nowhere, her cell phone was off and her home phone was not responding, i got a few offline messages at my yahoo from her Ex saying, ‘ leave married women alone’ and ‘She lied to me’ then all of a sudden, next day i got a call from her cousin (i have had a few chats with this cousin of hers and he was so supportive for her, a few times she got mad on me left her pc with her i’d logged in and this cousin came online from her i’d to talk to me asking me what i have done with her and why she was angry. i never talk to him on phone nor on his own id)he called to tell me that ‘SHE GOT IN AN ACCIDENT YESTERDAY AND SHE IS NO MORE’ and he is using her phones and she told him to tell me that i must keep goin on with my life and i must carry on with the plans for the future (coz she knew that i wont be able to survive without her as i told her many times)i checked all the newpapers of her city on the net and contacted by phone the authorities and a couple friends of mine there at her city to know if there was any accedent that day, but every source assured me that there wasn’t any accident that day.she or her cousin tried to call me again and again to know if i am alive or not i never picked up my phones, i switched off both of my cell phones (i have two cell phones)i really dont wanna live anymore, but just want to sort out this misery, that she is alive or dead and if she is alive (which most probably she is) then why she is doing this to me. ?????????????what should i do now, if she is dead then i really dont have any reason to live anymore and if she is alive then what reason does she have to do this to me??????please, plz help me, tell me what’s going on with me pleaseeee, for god sake!!!!!!