I have a great concern for my wife. She has Bipolar and now it is worse than ever. Well I will start out like this she was diagnosed 6 years ago. And she quit taking her meds two months later.We have been married for 3 yrs now and have two children. She finally came to me with her problem 3 months ago. Because i was going to leave her from the mood swings she had. after she told me she had Bipolar I decided to stay with her and help her though it because i Love her very much.So she went to see a Dr. and told him everything and he put her on Zoloft and depakote. she seemed to be doing better with her mood swings but now she would sleep all day and neglect the children, by not taking care of them until she felt like getting out of bed. She was still mean to me all he time. But she would be nice alot too. This went on for a couple of weeks. Then i had to go out of town for a couple of weeks to visit some family. when i was gone a friend of mine came to our house and was telling her some lies like I was cheating on her while I was gone. So she called me the next day and was crazy on the phone. I tried to tell her none of it was true. this went on for A week or two.i finally got home. We were fighting pretty bad and she told about a guy and had been sleeping with for a week while I was gone. She does not seem like the person who would do this to me, she was so perfect before. And come to find out she also slept With my friend that same night he was telling her all those lies. i could not believe my ears.She told me she still loves me. And my main question was why did you do It. She looked at me and said she has no clue why she did this. Is it because she quit taking her meds.Then last week we got into a big fight and she was going nuts in the house. she said she wanted to take a drive to think about some stuff so I let her. She did not come back for 7 hrs. i knew she went to go and visit this other couple we are friends with. Come to find out She and then Male friend(John) went to a bar and was putting some stuff in her head like he has always had a thing for her and that he loved her more than his own wife.Well when she got home early that morning I started accusing her of sleeping with him and she said she didn’t’ I believed her at first but the truth come out when i found poof in our truck. When i confronted her about it she went nuts and started saying really mean and hurtful things to me. And then she said that she did it.I went crazy. What was going on with my wife. . I know she loves me and is crazy about me. But why is she cheating now. I mean i would never believe she would sleep with John. She has always hated him before this even happened. What should i Think?Is this really a side affect of Bipolar. I Know she loves me and she still wants to be with me but is it her or is it the bipolar.