I have been spending time with a young lady for 7 months now. We dated for 2-3 months before she called telling me she needed to slow down that her emotions were out of control.
She has always been hurt/let down in past relationships. She told me she was worried that she was out of control. I was surprised things had been going well.
Well after our talk we continued, she continued to call. We see each other once a week. She has told me her family and friends adore me. Recently she has started seeing someone else.
I allowed my feelings to grow as she became more interested. She had pursued me. I enjoy receiving her calls each night to say goodnight and speak about our days. But I am worried that I am allowing myself to ultimately be hurt.
I truly believe she has deeper feelings based on her actions, but I have to take her word for it. I do nothing but care for her, and she has told me she thinks I’m treating her like a kid. But if I don’t call back she gets mad. 90% of her thinks she is in love, has never been treated so well, and it scares her that I may be true, but she isn’t ready.
Almost as if I put pressure without even noticing it. We had a deep conversation the night before she went out with this guy and I thought she was about to tell me she does have deeper feelings and is scared but our phones died.
I have been racking my brain wondering what if anything I have done wrong, and trying to figure out why if she has no feelings does she call me so often.