Dear Dr. Love,My girlfriend and I have been involved with each other for at least 10 years since the age of 10. We have shared many experiences together both good and bad. We’ve grown to love each other very, very much, we started as friends and we could talk and share anything with each other. As time went on as young adults we were imature about relationships and what’s right and wrong. We’ve both done many things to hurt each other but our love has still kept us together.Now as we have matured more and realized what a relationship is all about (at least we think) it seems that it is getting harder and harder to talk and share our feelings the way we used to. As I was to leave to the Marines we started talking of marriage because we both know that ‘s what we want. The problem is we find it very hard to deal with our conflicts without blowing up and coming so close to throwing everything that we have fought for away, and it’s all because the hurt in our past.How can we get back the communication we had before? How can we learn to deal with each other and our problems without letting the hurt in the past effect our future? Is our relationship headed for trouble because of our past? Can we stop the hurt from the past or make it go away? How? We are very much in love and do not want to hurt each other anymore but how do we deal with these feelings of hurt?Yours Truly, What to do