Dear Dr. Love,I have someone who I like very much and get along with too. He’s my next door neighbor. He owns his own buisness and works very hard at making it a go of it. He has come over and watched movies with me and my boys (they get along with him also and like him too and would like to see us get togther). He has called me up out of the blue a few times to see what I was doing. I have made him supper a few times and even took him supper to his shop which is 20 miles away.We have been initmate a couple of times but nothing after that. Its just like nothing happened. I told him how I feel and what I wanted and it seems that since I said that, he just decided to stay away. He once told me that if I ever wanted to talk to him not to be afraid to, so I did and that is what happened afterwards. He is good to my boys. He has taken them some places and has tried to teach my oldest son about what he does in his trade. They really enjoy him around here. They even go as far leaving us alone when came over in hopes of things working out.He still asks about me once in awhile and we see each other on occassion when we both are outside. What chance do you think there might be for us or is the answer none. I know that he is shy and was hurt real bad by a former girlfriend. We just have so much in common. Everyone at work and even my best friend says that I’m happier when I’m around him or have been around him that previous weekend. I think everyone is pulling for the relationship to work out.What to do in Texas