This is kind of a Dual problem situation that I am in. I have searched for anything even closely matching this in your Archives, but came up empty handed. So, I am HOPING for some advice with the this. . .I have been struggling with a problem (question) for a couple of weeks now. I have NOT been able to come up with an answer yet.I have a friend at work who has been having marriage problems for about 2 months now. Her husband has beat her twice and when they seperated after the last time he admitted to her that he has been seeing another woman for almost a year. She has started a divorce process with him. But, a few weeks ago they talked and have been trying to fix the problems.They have been married for 2 years and have a child together. She still has NOT decided (or at least she says she has not) if she is going to go through with the divorce. It seems that he is starting his same stuff again now. She has been talking with me about the problems and everything that has happened.We have known each other for 3 months now and I do think of her as a Close Friend. But, my problem is that I am having stronger feelings for her lately. This is a VERY rare thing for me. I have NOT had a relationship for almost 5 years now. The last one lasted for 3 years and it ended due to me spending too much time working and NOT enough time with her.I have not been able to find anyone who ‘Sparked’my interest until now. Normally, a married woman would flash a ‘NO GO’sign in my head. I have morals that would keep anything like this from happening. And, in the beginning it did.But, with her current situation I guess I let her get too close. When we talk I try to keep my feelings for her out of the conversation. I listen to her and try to offer some kind of support. I would try to NEVER let my feelings bias my advice or what I say. But, lately this has become more and more difficult.I would REALLY like to explain to her how I feel about her. But, do NOT want to add to her problems by putting her in a difficult situation. I care about her too much for that to happen.My question is, what do I do ??? Do I continue this way and risk my heart in the process. Or, do I somehow tell her without risking the friendship. If I do tell her, HOW ????