I met a man about 3 years ago. We fell madly in love and got married after 1 year. We both had children from a prior marriage. He never really had a relationship with his children because they lived in a different state.When we got married not long after he started to frequent the bars alot, wouldn’t come home after work and shortly 6 months after marriage quit his job after 20 years, and decided he was moving out of state to live in the same state as his children and was getting a divorce from me.I was completely shocked, I was totally in love with him and couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I cried for months. He decided that he wanted to make things work with me and stayed around for another 4 months then packed his stuff and moved out of the state like he had planned.He changed his mailing address, went and got a job and has not called me in 2 weeks, How could I be so stupid. I have no idea. I know I married him for all the right reasons? What did I miss? It took alot of faith, prayers and determination to recover from this nightmare experience.Do you have any advice? I am only 35 years old with 2 children to raise.