Hi Dr. Love,My husband and I have known each other for 10 yrs, married for 3. 5 yrs. We came from different ethnic background. We love each other deeply. We also quarrel, frequently. These quarrels are driving us apart. It’s breaking my heart to see my marriage is on the verge of falling apart.Our quarrels mostly stem from our conflict in personality and thoughts. We are both head-strong and will not take ‘craps’ from anybody. We both have a short temper. In some ways, we have similiar faults.When an argument breaks out, we often lose our temper, start pointing finger at each other ‘s faults and sometimes call each other names (which we’ve agreed not to do). We have tried counseling with two different FMCC’s. The arguments became less often, then. I think the FMCC acted as a mediator and offerred us advices.Now, the arguments are coming back more frequently. We know what we need to do to try not to get on each other’s nerves. However, when the time comes we often react to the each other’s mistreatment.I feel there are too much hurt and resentment between us that when another argument breaks out and it just adds up to the bitter feeling we now have toward each other. I am becoming more depressed and hopeless in this love-hate relationship which is gradually killing our love and respect for each other.Do you think there’s any hope to save our relationship? Please give us your opinion. We’re tethering on the end of the rope. Thank you.