my name is Nikole. . . and I’m a single mother of a 3 month old girl. . . . . I met this guy named joel when i was 5 months along. . . and we fell in love. . or so i thought. . i know i love him. . . . .We spent allot of time together he introduced my to his family. . . and said we would get married. . . . . after i had my baby. . . we were still together and he introduced the baby to everyone like she was family. . . I loved him so much. . . . . his family all liked me and loved the baby. . we were looking into geting our own place. . . and made all kinds of long term plans.Then one day after 5 hours of work he came home said he needed to talk to me and called it all off. . . left and moved back home with his folks. I was so upset i didn’t know what to say. . .I just cried for hours. . . . we did have our fights but it was over little stuff and was settled. . . . . he told me he could no longer handle everything and left me. . . and the baby he loved so much as to call her family before she was born. . (she is not his). . . .I don’t know what to do. . . I want him back so badly. . he’s all I think about. . . . he told me that he had things to work out and wanted to get back together after he got his life together. . . . but i have heard this before and nothing became of it. . . . I just need some advice as to how to make him see my love and try to get him back. . . .Please help me get back my love. .