Dr. Love, I am writing to you because there are some feelings that have been haunting me and I don’t know how to deal with them.I am very angry with an intimate friend of mine. This is because she was going steady with my ex b/f for a year and she didn/t tell me anything. I confronted her and she got angry too and told me she did not have to tell me anything because I left him, which is true.I am now married, and even though, I have had some problems (specially because of my husbands’ex), I feel happy. But at the same time I feel angry with my ex/friend and ex b/f.I know I did some bad things to him, his family also hates me. I think it is absurd for them to hate me, because that was so many years ago. A friend of mine told me I should forget and let go, but I can/t.Can you help me understand myself?