Hi, I will make this quick. Why do I never feel any pleasure during sex? Even without a condom. And I can’t ejaculate during intercourse, I’ve never done this. Sometimes I have ED, it was worse before but better now with supplementation, lifestyle, and exercise etc. I’m 37, haven’t really been in serious relationships, mostly dating or picking up girls randomly. Sometimes I performed well, other times I didn’t. I have tried ED supplements, but not the pharmaceutical kind, but they did work well in giving me full erections. I would simply have intercourse for a long time before we would have to stop due to my partner getting tired or the erection would eventually wear out. I can make myself ejaculate during masterbation, but only when laying down on my stomach and using underwear, or soft clothing as a barrier, and never exposing the head of the penis. I do this almost daily, some times more than once. I do watch adult films and I do have a powerful drive. I doubt this is a physical problem, maybe emotional, but there’s no trauma, just a lot of nerves and anxiety. But be that as it may, how can I sensitize the head of the penis to feel pleasure during sex no matter what? Its been bothering me my entire life and I’m sure this is normal, but there has to be a way to fix this. If you need further info, let me know. Otherwise, any tips would be appreciated.