Hi Dr. Love, First of all I thank you for your valuable time and advice.I am really concerned about this problem which I will be facing in a near future. I have been in U. S last since 6 years. Basically I am from a country where there are many bars for sex.I mean losing virginity for a girl before getting married is considered a sin. But unfortunately I did that sin. And sooner or later I will be engaged to this guy from my country.He is very nice and a decent guy. I respect him alot and I like him too. But he will be shocked when he will find out all this.Indeed, I really want to tell him about my ‘Past’ which was very very bad. I don’t know how to tell him. I don’t know how will he react. But I gotta take this off my heart because I believe in not starting a relationship with a lie. I want him to trust me and forgive me for all that.Please help me!