Hi Dr. LoveI need some advice please. I am a attractive single male. I have a successful career as an computer programmer/accountant. I have kids, I love to cook, clean, do laundry, and taxes. (It’s April 15 so I have been busy).Anyway I can’t meet any women and when I do they get scared because I try to move too fast. I met this girl online, she said she really liked me so we started e-mailing each other. Then she told me to stop e-mailing her.Why? I sent her cards, told her I thought about her all the time, and I meant it. She even called me but she said I was moving too fast so I stopped talking to her and will move on.But it’s hard for me to meet women. I work out alot so I am fit. I make a pretty good income, plus I can do most of the housework. I do like sports but I have learned that not even sports should come between you an your partner. (Last relationship I learned that. )What can I do different so I don’t scare off women. I don’t think I am a bad catch.Thank you for your time.