I’m hoping you’ll pick my question, you might find it interesting. i come from a school where there is a very limitied selection of girls to date, I have tried four of the ten free girls that I thought i could date and have a good relationship with, failing each time, I tried each in the order of ease to date ( not trying to say their easy, but the ones I thought would date me.)Now I am stuck on the toughest of all, a girl I have loved my whole life, as I think back over it, i realize that whenever I needed someone to hold or talk to for the past 16 years, since kindergarten, she was the one. I could have dated her any of those times, and only God knows why I didn’t. Now she is not at all interested, she only torments me by flirting with others while looking at me. I thknk it is some kind of payback.My problem is how to aproach the unaproachable? I know i can make her happier than anyone else could, how do I tell her? One last bit of information, she comes from a very strict family,sincerely,Wannabe Don Juan