Dear Dr. Love,Me and my girlfriend have been together for over two years. Lately we have not been on the best of terms. She is easily aggravated by the things I do and the way I do them. Sometimes she will get so mad and just start yelling. I listen and try not to do things that aggravate her, and I usually resist the temptation to yell back at her, but lately my patients have worn thin and I broke down and argued with her.She is attending college right now that is about four hours away, we do not get to see each other much, but constantally keep in touch with e-mail. She also said she is sorry for venting all her anger out on me, and that I have to take it.But lately she has told me she wants a sex only relationship. Because she has had only one partner ( me) and wants to experiment and have sex with other men. This has torn me in two when I heard this. I love her dearly, and want to keep her.Signed: Very Confused!!