I’m seventeen and have been going out with my first real boyfriend for about a month. He doesn’t live near me but we get together pretty regularly. We met at a party and he came to my junior prom. We had an amazing time, and I started to find out what kissing really means. I’ve been getting to know him better and have found him to be a wonderfully caring and mature person whom I’m attracted to. He respects me and would never push me into anything physical.However, I can’t seem to get as enthusiastic about making out as he does. I always feel awkward, and uncomfortable, while he’s completely into it. He has no trouble telling me things or asking me how I feel when we’re making out, but I just can’t talk about it. Maybe it’s just that his hormones are raging and I’ve always tried to control mine. It really overwhelms me that he’s so into me and whatever we’re doing. I really want to be able to let go more and be able to enjoy the physical side of our relationship. Until recently I’ve avoided guys, since I used to be teased by them frequently. I’ve gotten my self esteem back and I have more male friends now who I trust. Will I ever be really comfortable with men? I don’t want to ruin a really good relationship because I’m uncomfortable with the physicality.