Dear Dr. LoveMy brother is 22 years old and he lives in the U. S. He has been going out for 6 months with a girl. About 2 days ago my brother found out that she was dating another guy while in Canada (where she is currently living) and has a long term love relatiuonship with him too!She was actually sending this other guy in canada the same emails she sends my brother and says the same words to him. she talks with both guys about marriage at the same time. my brother also found out that she was sexually abused by her older brother as a child and was on therapy at the age of 15 .I am worried now because i have a feeling that she is suicidal and might kill herself especially now that both her boyfriends have left her . my question is : should we do something about it and tell her parents what she’s done or should we just leave her alone because she is a cheater?