Hi Dr. Turndorf,I am currently in a relationship and it’s been one year with my girl now.I’m having major issues with her about her faithfulness. I’ve caught her up in lie after lie, nothing ever about where she’s been or who she’s with but about little things about her past that makes me think, if she’s lying about little things who’s to say she isn’t lying to me when I ask her where she’s been or who she’s with. (ex. She had a supposed friend named Darrin that she would go visit at his house late at night). She’s always told me that they were just friends so I believed her.Until one time I was nosy and checked her voicemail. She had a message from Darrin which really bothered me. He said ‘oh have you moved on to bigger and better things now since you are seeing that guy (presumably myself).’ What does that mean? moving on? If they were friends he wouldn’t have felt like she was’moving on’ right?I guess my main question is she’s lied to me plenty of times which really puts my trust factor to a near zilch, but I love her and I’m confused so I was wondering if you could give me some advice?