Dear Dr. Love,Well this is a problem which I really need help with! Me and my husband have been married for 9 months and we’ve only seen each other a total of at least 30 days in this time period. A couple of days after our weeding he left for Marine bootcamp. We had a child while he was away. Well he says he loves me dearly and God only knows that I adore him. But problem is, is that while he was away he made friends with a female and whenever I called him she would answer his phone.Well after they graduated from school he brought her home with him and she is two months pregnate. (We ‘re 18 and 19). My friends say that the baby might be his. Oh and another thing he never talks to me anymore. He gets upset if I talk to my two best friends and yet they are the only one’s that he is able to talk to. Yet they are not allowed to tell me what he says. Our marriage is falling apart because of these facts. I need help how do I keep this marriage alive. We are always fighting, and know that he’s here for a while we can’t have anytime alone. We ‘re staying at his parents house, and when they leave they leave the baby my friends have offered to watch her but he dosn’t want to be left alone with me. Why???Thank you for helping, Totally confused and lost