I am a happily married 25 year old. My problem stems from the fact that I never completely got over my first love. Ever since we broke up 4 years ago I think about her daily. We stayed in contact for awhile but now we live on the opposite ends of the continent and we are both in serious relationships.I feel guilty because I still harbor feelings for her, and it affects my marriage. I feel like maybe I have chosen the wrong path and there is no way to backtrack and make things right. There are unresolved feelings here, but I am embarassed and scared to call up my first and try to get these things out and over with. And I can’t tell my wife that this is the reason that I am unhappy at times, because she would take it personally. She is wonderful, loving woman who doesn’t need any pain inflicted on her. If you answer one letter this week, please let it be me, I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this conflict.