I am torn between my mother and my future husband. I am engaged but he is from another state. (About a 17 hour drive). He moved down here for about a year or so, but hated it and missed his family, so he went back home. He wanted me to go with him but I couldn’t at the time.When I told my mother I was thinking about moving up there with him, at first she was supportive saying positive things about moving, but later she told me that she was only being positive because if she tried to discourage me I would just get mad and move.So now she has been saying things like: what about your little brother and sister? I am in my early 20’s but there is such an age difference between my younger siblings and I that I basically helped raise them, and they don’t have a positive male influence in their life, except my fiancee. My mom says things like your fiancee was like a brother to them and now you’re going to leave too, how do you think that will make them feel?It tears me up to think about being away from them because my mom and siblings are like the only family I have and I haven’t ever been away from them for more than a couple days.I really would like to move and see new places, meet his family, experience life, etc, but I’m afraid my mother will be mad if I move away, that I will really hurt my little brother and sister, and I might even subconsciously ruin my relationship because I miss my family and want to go home.Please help! Thank you!