i have a very big problem and i don’t think that anyone but you could help me. i’m 18 years old and since i was 13 i loved a girl with me in school (her name is rania), i loved her very much and i keep thinking of her all the time. i kept this a secret and no one ever knew that i loved her even her she didn’t know, i never told her anything we were only friends but we were close.but 8 months ago it was her birthday so i bought her a present, i gave it to her and on that day i told her how much i love her and how much i care about her, but she told me that she thinks that being friends would be better. nothing happened after this day between me and her.a month after this day i fell in love with rania ‘s best friend. i told this girl that i love her, and she became my girlfriend and we are still together uptill now. but something very strange happened. 3 weeks ago rania ‘s sister told me that rania NOW has feelings for me and that she loves me. ever since i knew this i feel very confused and i don’t know what to do. because i love the girl that im with now, and i also think that i still love rania.thank you