Dear Dr. Love:Three years ago when I was still in high school I went out with a guy for almost a year. During that year he cheated on me, left me for someone else, lied to me and scared me. I don’t get scared by a man, but he made me tremble when he would get mad. I would never know if her was going to hit me or not, thank goodness he never did.Later that year at graduation we left on good terms, he was going into the navy and I was still in school, but there was a promise of coming back to see me. He came back 2 times over the next two years. The second time he swore that he would come to my graduation cause he knew it meant a lot to me, on my big day he pulled a no show. Now four months after graduation he sends me a letter saying he misses me and he wants to get back together and explain things.I made him explain things on the phone and he gave be a bunch of sad stories about the wrong woman and I was the only one for him. Then the next weekend he came here to see me. Not too good. He was begging me to come back to him and I kept telling him that I was happy, satisfied and content with the man I have now. And he keeps telling me how he’s changed and stuff and how he still carries my present with him everywhere he goes. And now my boyfriend is pretty upset that he had the nerve to come here and see me and he’s a little upset that I couldn’t just tell him off, or leave things unfinished.I’m pretty confused. My current boyfriend asked me to marry him not too long before the ex came into town so I know that there is no way that I’m going to leave him, but what can I do about the ex, he isn’t getting the idea that things aren’t going to be the same as the way they were before. I don’t miss him at all after all that he’s done to me. How do I get him out of my life forever without being too mean, cause I’m not the mean type of person? And still keep my man from wondering if I will ever leave him for my ex?Signed —- Torn Apart