Dear Dr. Love,Boy, do I have a big problem.My six year old little boy has recently developed his first crush which led to his first kiss.My husband and I thought it was very cute, but also sat down with him and told him to save his kisses for people he really loves. Since the little girl is a regular playmate I also spoke to her mother and we agreed to try and curb the kissing between the two.On a recent playdate, I picked him up and found out that the mother had let the kids climb under a blanket together in an unsupervised room where they kissed, hugged, and held hands. She called me to tell me how adorable it was that they were now boyfriend and girlfriend.I almost blew a fuse!!!!! I told her I thought it was totally inappropriate! She argued that it was just children being innocent. I feel the children were being innocent, but it’s our job to teach them at this age, their actions are not appropriate.The conversation did not go well, as she thought I was making a big to do about nothing and telling them it was wrong would make them want to do it more. I am more mad at the mom for what I view as instigating the situation. Now, she will not talk to me, and has told her daughter not to talk to my son.How do you explain this to a kindergartener? Am I wrong for feeling this is way too much to soon?Sincerely,’Too young for kissing’