Dear Dr. Love,I hope you can answer this question of mine, because I am stuck. I’ve been with my current girlfriend for only 3 months but I feel this sort of bond, a type of love that I’ve never felt before in my life. Before we got together we were very good friends and during that time I always wanted the chance to be the one that would be there for her.Well, I’ve been blessed with that opportunity and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but there’s just one thing. She says I’m too affectionate. For me it’s like I love to compliment on how she looks and how she makes me feel. I also like to sort of flaunt her because she makes me so happy and proud. But she says she doesn’t like all the complimenting because it makes her feel weird. Same with the flaunting and holding. She says that a simple’I love you’ pretty much covers everything.I understand I must respect her feelings and I do realize that maybe it is some sort of added pressure over complimenting, but at the same time I can’t help the way I feel and the way she makes me feel. If I do say compliments to her she tries to change the subject or just gets up and walks away. I don’t want to make her feel that way, but it’s hard to contain such feelings.Sincerely,Too Loving and Affectionate