I’ve been following your column for a long time, and your advice is very helpful (in fact, you answered a previous question of mine quite insightfully; I ended up not seeing that particular gentleman any more, but learned something about myself in the process).What’s troubling me right now is that I feel like a nonentity in my family. In some families, money or professional success is the means of getting respect; in my family, it appears to be a sound marriage and one or several children. I am 28, reasonably successful, self-supporting for the most part) for nearly six years, and have goals for the future.However, I feel like an outcast in my family; I went to college out of town, moved an hour away from my family, had one long-term relationship that ended painfully a year ago and a string of aborted short-term episodes, not to mention that I have manic-depression (which has not prevented me from working, thankfully).Since there are no prospects for a husband on the horizon (all the men I meet are predatory or seeking a mother-figure/free therapist), it seems the only way to earn any kind of respect in my family would be to have a baby, with or without the biological father ‘s support. I even have a candidate in mind; he’s 25, healthy and good-looking, and he would have no objection if I told him all I wanted was his name on the birth certificate.I make a decent salary and can find reasonably priced day care. I want someone to love so badly, and it seems this is my only option.Signed,Ticking Away