Dear Dr. Love,I am a divorced 40 year old woman. I have been divorced for nearly 3 years. I waited a good year before entering into a relationship with a another man so as not to be on the rebound.Up until 2 weeks ago I had been dating a 50 year old divorced man. He and I talked on the phone for over a year before we went out on a date. We hung out together at the track and had dinner or lunch occasionally for over 2 months before he decided he would like to date me. I agreed, but I let him know up front that I would not date for the sake of dating; to have a man at my side and that one day in the future I would like to be married again.Well, things were going well, or at least I thought they were. He is very romantic and soon I realized that I was in love, head over heels with this man. He became very attentive, talking to me sweetly, nurturing me emotionally, and physically, but never to the point of sexual intercourse. This went on for months. He became very intense with me, the way he was kissing me, holding, me calling me telling that he was thinking about me, telling me that he has been thinking about whether or not he should ask me to marry him.By this point I am in deep with him emotionally. All I want to do is love him. Then we finally did it. We had sex and it was the best sex I have ever had. After close to two years of courting, dating, loving and two sexual encounters, he has thrown me away. His reason is that what we did was wrong and a relationship based on sex will never work, especially if there is marriage involved. I am devastated and completely heart broken. How can a person just throw another person away like that?His ex-wife of nearly 30 years left him over and over again until she finally was able to obtain a divorce. Do you think he is getting back at his ex by what he has done to me? How can I avoid this from happening to me again. I am very apprehensive about getting involved with another man ever again, and it’s sad because I have so much to offer. I have taken very good care of myself physically and have been told I’m attractive, but can’t seem to find an attractive man with an attractive heart and soul to match.Signed, Thrown Away By Fifty Year Old