Dear Dr. Love,Hi! Well. . where to begin. I love helping others to solve their love problems cuz my friend and I are great at it. But I sometimes can’t solve my own. Well. . . here we go. . . I have liked this guy for a VERY long time. When I finally found out that he liked me, we started dating, not knowing that my very close friend liked him too. When we started fighting about him, I decided that our friendship was more important and being the fool I was, I dumped him.Now I found out that she’s going out with him. Well, I am so upset, so my guy friend(just a friend) wants to beat him up. I told him not to, but he’s sweet, and doesn’t want to see me hurting. I want to know what to do about my friend. Now, there’s this guy that I like, but he’s got a girlfriend. I know I can’t break them up and all, but he always tells me how much he likes me. and he also sez that he doesn’t like his girlfriend, I told him to get a life as a joke, and he said to me, that he could have a GREAT life if he broke up with his girlfriend, went out with me, married me, had kids, and so on. . . . he kept babbaling about ‘OUR’ future. I would love for us to have a future, but he won’t make any moves with his girlfriend!HELP! Thanx alot. . . . . and maybe can you try to give my friend and I a love problem to solve to see how good we are and if we’re any good, do you think we could help you? Thanx! Later! Love