Dear Dr. Love- I’ve been reading through your archives and cannot find a problem that is parallel to mine. I have been dating this guy for close to a year and a half. He is the sweetest guy ever. My family loves him and his family loves me (at least to my knowlege). Anyway I love him very much but I keep finding myself wondering if I really want to be in this.I am only in college and am fully aware that there are other fish in the sea. I am worried that the reason why I do not approach these feelings is because I am afraid of losing the companionship. I was alerted of my feelings when a colleague of mine asked me if I still had feelings for my best friend of about 3 years. I was taken aback when I said yes, it through me into a couple of days of wondering what I was doing in this relationship and if I still wanted to be in it.I am just so lost. I love him, I know I do but are these feelings that people have after being in a relationship this long (this is my first one that has lasted this long) or is it an indication that I need to get out?I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t want to find myself unhappy further down the road, please help.