Hi Dr.,This is my problem.. I m still in love with Justin. Here is the situation.. We were together for 5 years. I found out I was PG. About 8 months into the pregnacy Justin told everyone in his life we were going to be married..Three days later on Christmas he told me he no longer loved me and that we were over..Crushed I went on to have my beautiful daughter alone. With the promise that Justin would not start a relationship with anyone else until after her birth. He keep his promise but about 2 months after she was born Justin started sleeping with my bestfriend..Sharla (My bestfriend) was married and had two children of her own. She and I had almost a sister like relationship.I needless to say was absolutely crushed. This relationship, (Justin and Sharla) has gone on now for a year and a half. Justin and myself are always at each others troats. I venture to say I hate him.. But its simply not true. I think about him almost daily. And I still love him with all my heart. Despite the fact that I have a wonderful live in boyfriend who has been taking care of my daught and myself for over a year. I know I dont love my boyfriend. And here is the real kicker. Justin is moving to Georgia for a year and will not be with Sharla for the same amout of time. She will be moving to Austin. I think away for her he will end the relationship for good. I love him but here is my questions. I dont think if we did ever get back together that I could get over what he has done with Sharla. and How long will it take me to get over loving him? Can you love someone your not with for the rest of your life? 3) Do you think that he and I could ever have a honest loving relationship again. Please, Please help me. I have been given so much advise I just dont know what to do.. I cant afford a counselor and I really need to start loving myself again.Thank you… Strange SituationP.S.- as much as this story sounds made up or like a Soap Opera its really true and I really am searching for an answer.