My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. We’ve always had our share of problems, but we’ve made it.Last year during his mother ‘s illness and subsequent death, he was understandably extremely emotional. He told me he had never really loved me, that something had always been missing from our relationship.We did a lot of talking and over the last 9 months we’ve talked, gotten along better, the sex has improved a lot, but now he feels like maybe there’s something missing in him. He’s going through a malpractice suit on his mother ‘s behalf and recently went through a grueling deposition which seemed to take a lot out of him. When he came back, he seemed to just want to be alone, and even though we’re not fighting, it doesn’t feel right.I’ve tried to just give him space, even though all I want to do is talk about our relationship. Prior to this latest issue with the lawsuit, he said he felt happier, more comfortable with our relationship than he ever had before.I just feel like I’m doing all the giving here, trying to change myself into a better person, but I can’t help feeling like there IS something missing in him, whether its emotion, or the ability to love anyone. He’s always been very’in control’of his emotions, and I’m pretty much the opposite.I know you can’t make someone love you, but we do have a good life together and I feel like he’s never really going to be a happy person. Any advice at all? I don’t want this marriage to end