Hi there,I bet this question isn’t exactly ‘new’ to you people – but I really want to get a girlfriend. I have always been the shy type therefore women often keep their distance from me. However, for the past two years, I’ve had my eyes on this special girl – but I could never get myself to ask her out, or tell her how much I feel about her.We often have conversations over the phone, and keep in touch using E-Mails, but even then I can’t express how much I feel about her . . . she think’s I’m very funny and extremely talented, but that ‘s about it – how do I discuss my intimate feelings about her. I must say, I’m totally crazy about her, I keep thinking about her everyday — I even masturbate by holding up a small portrait of her. How do I know if she’s got the same intimate feelings about ME ???Now, I’m in the United States, and she’s in Great Britain . . . and I only get to see her just once a month. Please tell me what I should do ???