Hi Dr. Turndorf,I met my first love when I was 17. I am 41 now and it’s been off and on due to me and I guess him. We went out a couple of years ago. He asked ‘where is this leading to?’ I didn’t answer him till 10 months later in a card when I told him I liked him and wanted a relationship.He found someone during that time. Now he says he’s attached but wants to get together with me on the computer as we were talking he wanted my picture. At first I told him I wouldn’t go out with him if he has a girl friend. Now I changed my mind and said yes.Is it my fault that I am not having a relationship because I didn’t answer the question where is this leading to? Should I take a chance with him because it’s my fault I am not with him or should I wake up and smell the coffee that he’s a jerk. I REALLY LIKE HIM. Thank you for your advice.