I don’t know from where to start …my partner gets angry at small things …I really cannot understand what he wants sometimes he makes me the happiest other time he makes me feel worthless…he is in hotel management and currently working very hard for his internship and I send him text every single day I really want him to know I m here with him….he had a very traumatic past …His real mom abused him and he has a step mom …his dad loves him….he was very good at the start of the relationship but now I feel like he is changed….He is very scared to talk to me cause he feels that I m gonna fight with him and leave him and he gets jealous very fast …I really love him …all I want is his time…I feel like I m detaching from him cause we don’t talk much and I really want him to be the part of my life and he gets angry at one thing and that thing is gonna extend up to 1 week and it is very hard to keep him happy No matter how hard I try he still gets upset …I really don’t know …should I put effort in this relationship or should I just leave him?? I love him but I don’t know if he does..what should I do?

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question July 7, 2022