Dr. Love, I’ve been with my current boyfriend for almost 10 years. We currently live together with my college roommate and her husband of 2 years.My boyfriend is a very bad communicator. He has a hard time expressing his feelings about anything. Often times I’m the one who makes all the decisions in the relationship. Where to live, what car to buy, where to go on vacation. He is very un-opinionated.However, he never gets mad at me for a wrong decision. THE PROBLEM: We we’re suppose to get married this last Sept. but didn’t. I gave my boyfriend an ultimatum last year to propose or leave.He proposed, however I know he really doesn’t want to get married. He doesn’t think that his commitment to me will be stronger just because he signs a piece of paper.Knowing that he really doesn’t want to get married has casted doubt in my mind whether or not I want to marry him. You see, if he doesn’t marry me he’ll probably never marry.I on the other hand am sure that I will find someone who I want to marry and who also wants to marry me. As of now we have no alternate wedding date. Things are just in limbo.What’s the point of continuing this relationship if we have no goals/desire to ever marry. He thinks that things can just continue the way they are. He is completely happy and content with the relationship. I am not.What should I do? PLEASE HELP