I’ve liked this girl for about 9 months now but haven’t told her because #1 her brother is my best friend, #2 she’s in a family of 9 kids who I see every week, #3 she’s 16 and I’m 21. Why I don’t tell her is because I don’t want to freak her out. I’ve been known to do that. And I don’t want to lose a best friend over it.I feel she can do better then me but then again I always feel like that. She’s almost out of high school. (She’s been home schooled) and she started college at age 14 and almost out of college as well. I’ve never been to college and not doing well with work so I don’t think I can support a family.I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew I liked her, she’s almost the smartest one in her family, and that ‘s no joke. We hangout a lot but like I said before her brother and I are best friends. She a tomboy and always hanging out with her brother. There always coming over to play my xbox, or we all go to see movies, est.I don’t know how or if I should tell her or anyone else that I like her or if I should just shut up and try to move on. I would like to know what I should do and how I should go about doing it. Can you help?Should I Tell Her I Like Her or Just Shut up and Move on?