I am a 55 year old man who dated a 62 year old woman 14 times but we never went below the belt. When I did suck her breasts, she did not get aroused which surprised me.She grabs my hand and says ‘whoa ‘ when I try to touch her down there. She says she is not ready to be a couple and she will have sex when she wants to. She did tell me she did not have instant chemistry with me when I met her.While I touch her often, she does not reciprocate. She either has no sexual desire or is not sexually attracted to me. I feel that she is a cold fish and is using me so I asked her to go Dutch and she agreed.I feel that she just wants a male escort and is only interested in companionate love. I am interested in a sexual relationship. My gut feeling is that after 14 dates if nothing has happened I should ditch her and move on.What do you think? Should I have ditched her sooner?