Dear Dr love,I am very attracted to this friend who has low self confidence. I am his only close girl-friend cos I have been taking initiative despite his coldness. All the while I had been dropping little signs of attraction for him during our group outings.However, he did not seem to respond and finally I decided for a confession, expecting him to start avoiding me so that I can move on. However he didnt avoid me as expected even though he said he is not in for relationships.From then on, his attitude towards me seems to be a bit better than cold but still not much initiative from him. After a few months I decided to get clearer answers from him about the kind of girls he is looking for and he told me he is looking for someone he has feelings for. However he is not the kind to take initiative even if he met someone he really likes (he met before and nothing was done).When I asked if I can only forever be friends his answer was, don’t know. It was until I say i can’t take it and he said yah. However, I am still not ready to give it all up.Dr love, is he just taking care of my feelings when he answered I don’t know or there is still slight hope of developing? I am prepared to give more in hope of touching his heart. . . . is it adviceable?Thank you for ur advice.