Hello Dr. Love.I broke up with my girlfriend about a week ago. She just turned 18 and I’m turning 24 in nov. We went out for a year and a month.When I first met her i saw her as nothing but a highschooler, little girl and thought she was way too young for me so I kind of avoided her eventhough she wanted to be together. I thought she was really pretty and cute but the age thing bothered me.After a while just being friends I couldn’t resist but we ended up going out. because she was the nicest and most angelic personality person i have met. We had the best times ever. I have been dating so many different girls but i never had such a girl caring for me. I never met anyone who liked me so much. She seemed almost as if she was half crazy about me.at one point, it almost seemed like it was annoying how she was acting because she liked me so much. But i still liked her alot too. and also we were sexually active but it was not like an every day thing. maybe twice a month. Anyways. . Things were going great. I started to really fall for her. I started to really feel like she was the one for me despite how old she was. Actually i was forgetting about her age.Then one day it hit me really hard. She wanted to break up with me. She told me she had been liking someone else at her church who is only 17. I was really really hurt. I’m still in the stage where i can not go one minute without thinking about her. She liked me so much even she said she was going to be with me rest of her life but she dumped me. I was so shocked and so hurt. I never been that much hurt. and now days only thing i can think about is wanting to getting back with her.But there is one thing i have to admit. After she dumped me and having about a week of thinking every minute. I have realized that there were so many things i have wronged her. I was way too confident about her because she liked me so much that i just forgot about how important she was for me. I treated her bad. I was too cocky about this whole relationship. . now days i have so much guilt in my heart because she deserved way more. I was a jerk to her and sometimes i was mean to her.I want to make up to her what i didn’t do. If i ever have a chance with her again i want to treat her the best cuz i finally learned my lesson. But now that she is with someone else that i can’t do anything. I do not know what to do. But i always had theory that if a girl breaks up with me because of some other guy. she is a ‘BYE BYE’ and thats how i usually deal with.but this one i really liked and i still owe her. Do you think i should forget about her because she is going out with someone else? or do you think i should try to get back with her and let her know that i was a jerk and i want to be her man again and i changed?