You said something interesting in your reply to someone in your weekly sex question. In it you said ‘form a loving connection with your therapist and use this relationship as your model for your next relationship with a man. ‘I have had three years of therapy to help me get out of an abusive marriage of over 25 years and while it did achieve this goal I never felt this kind of connection with my therapist. I wonder if the problem was with me, that I am unable to form that kind of close connection with anyone or that maybe though my therapist was effective I could have done so much better had I found one I was able to completely trust and open myself up to.So I guess I am asking if it would be a good idea to get into therapy again with a different therapist hoping to find one I can connect with. I was raised in a very chaotic alcoholic home and am only now in my 50’s attempting to form close relationships.