This is a long story but I’ll try and make it short. I met my first love again after 38 years. We fell in love and he asked me to move in with him. My home town was in Hertfordshire his in Lancashire.My home was and is spotless. His was falling down around him, plaster hanging off walls and ceilings about to fall down. I gave up everything to be with him. He promised me the house would be sorted but his job was so demanding (which he loves) that nothing ever got done. There was always an excuse.5 months after moving all my furniture I couldn’t cope with the mess, my nerves were in shreds so I moved back to my home. although his is private and mine is council, my little house is spotless. He was aware I couldnt cope with with his house and the area yet he says he doesnt understand why I went home and said he cried for 2 days.He has been to see me twice since my return and is very aware as to my feelings for him. I have asked would he try and get a job in his profession in Hertfordshire and he has said he will look. I asked would he come to live with me and he said never say never but he has to concentrate on his job and who knows what will happen.As far as he is concerned he loves me and says he always will but that isn’t answering my question. What do you think ? Should I carry on waiting cause I love him and miss him terribly or should I get on with my life, cause Im not sure what he is saying.