We are together more than 2 years now, we are at the last year of school. We live in a long-distance relationship. When we first started talking on social media i didn’t have any intention to make her my girlfriend or anything like that. We talked a lot and after a month or so we finally met in real life, since then we are together and we meet every 2nd weeks on weekends. At the end of last year I started thinking about breaking up because I felt like I am not in love with her anymore, our relationship is not as  perfect as it was, I am kind of “bored”, the “fire” is not part of our relationship anymore . I managed to forget about this things but now a few weeks back I started thinking about it again. Until now I wasn’t really cared about other girls, but now I really like a girl in school, but I would break up before I would go as far as cheating on my girlfriend.

I dont know what to do, i am scared of regretting my decision if I break up.

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question May 26, 2022