Hi! Thank you for offering coaching services. I have a lot of reasons that I don’t think I should date, but I wanted to know where I could go to get advice for someone in my situation.

I was born with a birthmark on my face called a hemangioma. I’ve had multiple surgeries to reconstruct my face and I still have some scars left from the surgeries. As a child, I was rejected on the playground and I lost out on believing that kids wanted to be my friend. So I became jaded, especially after problems in my family caused many of them to stop talking. I don’t have a strong support system.

I’ve never had a romantic relationship before and I’m 28. I’ve never been on a real date either, just a Zoom date. I don’t have friends; just one online who I’ve known for a few years. I currently live at home, work part-time (and make very little), and I suffer from severe depression. I also don’t drive, but I’m in the process of hopefully getting my license next year. I’m getting therapy and taking medication, but I am incredibly lonely. I always imagined I’d have a partner by now.

I’m sure this one of many sob stories you’ve heard. I just wanted some advice about how to get started dating someday. I tried Bumble and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I just want to know how I can take a step forward, and if I should.

And I understand if you’re busy and can’t reply. I appreciate you reading. Have a wonderful day!

Scarlet66 Asked question December 16, 2022