Hi,I have some issues with my girlfriend that I am clueless about what to do. This is her 1st real relationship and she has been with one guy before me only. They had sex only a few times. Now we have been together for over 9 months and we are really serious about our relationship and the future. Now we have been sexually active for about 7 months.Anyways, she was always a little church girl and she believed in waiting until marriage and all that stuff and doing it on the honeymoon. She has been telling me this since we met that she will never forgive herself for doing it the 1st time with this other guy and she would do anything to change that.So lately she has been feeling guilty about not waiting until our honeymoon and last night she even started crying. We had a long conversation and she asked me how would I feel if we would stop having sex until our honeymoon.At first I thought she was joking but was I wrong. She is serious. She asked if I would be OK with it and would I support her. Also she said I fulfill her life with joy and happiness but there is that one empty spot that she misses God and going to church and forgiving herself for what she did before.She asked me to support her with all this but I don’t know how I am supposed to feel about this and what to do about it, and what I am supposed to do? Do you have any ideas or anything.I’ve talked to many of my friends they all told me I was on my own on this one they have no idea. So if you could please give me some ideas that would be great.Thanks.