Hi, I recently got married, to a wonderful woman, with whom I’m very much in love. I’m 29, and she’s 24. I’ve been in a few relationships before, but this is her first serious one.The problem is that, when we make love, if she has an orgasm, it’s invariably very powerful, and everything is fine. However, if she doesn’t have an orgasm, for whatever reason, it’s absolute hell, as she gets quite upset and her mood totally changes, rejecting all attempts to kiss, cuddle or even talk. She also often cries at this moment.This usually tends to result in a sleepless night, or at the very least a lot of heartache. She says that it’s a physical reaction thing, and that she feels that there’s nothing to be done. That makes it a bit like Russian Roulette! What can be done? I’m desperate for a good night’s sleep!