I had a relationship with a girl 10 years my junior for 2 1/2 years.We split and due to our stubborness we never appologized and drifted apart.About 6 months after we split she met her boyfriend who was her first love when she was 14 for 4/5 years. She started a relationship with him again. In the 1st year she contacted me, when she had been drinking, and we spent the night together when he was away.A year later they split and again we got together (she contacted me and also sent emails, when she had been drinking, saying how much she loved me and felt safe with me).She returned back to her 1st love and then recently she spent the night at my place after bumping into me when she had been drinking.Now she is engaged to him. She stated when she had been drinking how much I hurt her when we split and that I broke her heart.We only argued once and we split as neither of us apologized to each other and yet she seems to argue with him all the time and also has been violent to him. What do I do as she is due to get married soon?I think that she still has issues inside herself with me?